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Sales consulting


Many a businessman believes they are infallible and can on their own manage their business unassisted. Employment agencies are full of such people. Very often business-specific knowledge alone is not enough to overcome difficulties popping up every now and then on our way to success. It is worth to hire someone who will see things from a fresh perspective and can incentivize not only the owner but also the personnel to take the actions needed. It is only necessary to consider the areas where a temporary or permanent business advisor can help. Is it perhaps:

  • creating properly oriented ideas for business management?
  • developing relevant business models which are likely to generate best profits?
  • optimising the internal company processes?
  • developing relevant strategies helpful for the communication process within the enterprise?

These are just some of the directions for the actions to be taken by the company special task force, i.e. its business consultant dealing with hard or even insurmountable problems.

Energy consultancy.

The European Union has for several years prioritised energy from renewable sources. The so-called green energy is to become the main source of heating and electricity in the future. This requires the member states to search for new renewable sources of energy, defined as RES. In Poland, wind power and energy from biomass are named as the main renewable energy sources. Our company has been an experienced partner with a well-established cooperation with the companies of the energy sector. Our main job is primarily to carry out analyses related to biomass market. We also look for suitable solutions in the sphere of biomass power units technology and further logistics. We also deal with raising investment funds for our clients.

Our company is oriented towards providing support to companies operating in the area of production and processing of the broadly understood renewable energy, sourced primarily from biomass and wind. In performing our tasks:

  • we carry out activities on the biomass market;
  • we support production by selling energy products necessary to produce biomass;
  • we facilitate construction of suitable systems for production of biomass and biomass-related products;
  • we provide comprehensive services in relation to applications for EU funds for investments;
  • we deal with the issues of generation of power not only from wind, but also from water and geothermal sources;
  • we also act as an intermediary in procuring waste for biomass production.

Sales consultancy.

No matter what we produce, the production will not be profitable unless we sell the product with a profit. Sales is actually what really drives the operations of any company. Spotting your opportunity on the contemporary market is not an easy thing, especially when the market evolves all the time. The market dynamics makes it harder and harder to find your way in its new reality. The world based on traditional trade is no more there. We witness the global market is in constant turmoil, which in turn makes sales management quite a challenge. The organization of the sales process becomes a priority not only for the heads of sales departments, but also for management boards and CEOs. There is only one goal – maintaining or even improving the results and at the same time strengthening the market position constantly facing challenges from competitors.

What means are there? The range of the available solutions is considerable – effective management of sales channels, well-developed sales strategy, constant acquisition of new clients are just examples of the solutions which can be used to accomplish the above goal. However, sometimes an outsider with an unbiased approach is needed to implement the solutions in the enterprise. Our consultants offer assistance in accomplishing the goal, regardless of the advancement stage of the solutions implementation process. We accomplish it by:

  • optimising the selection of solutions, which makes it possible to take an adequate strategic decision;
  • analysing the situation, including identifying causes of the current state of affairs and drawing informed conclusions helpful in eliminating the problems;
  • providing assistance in the process of implementation of the solutions aimed at improving the quality of sales.

Logistic Audit

Logistics is among the most important branches in any company. It encompasses all the activities aimed at controlling the flow of materials, finished products or goods. It needs to be stated that logistics management comprises all the measures whose aim is to determine logistic objectives and how they are to be accomplished. In order to accomplish the logistic objectives, sometimes it is necessary for the company to hire specialists to prepare a logistic audit. It is intended to determine the consistency of the information on logistic results of the company and compare it to the actual state of affairs. A correct logistic audit gives an insight into the situation and identifies errors enabling their elimination. Upon the request of the management, the auditing company specialists perform:

  • a logistic audit of the company;
  • a logistic audit of a warehouse or production;
  • a logistic audit of the whole system or its designated part.


Also check


Logistics consultancy

support in making the right decisions regarding production, warehouse and distribution logistics


Logistics designing

developing the best economic and functional solutions for the whole logistic system of the company or its part


Logistics optimisation

using the resources available in such a way as to produce the best results for the company

Logistics consultancy

Logistics consultancy services provided by experienced practitioners with adequate background offer support in making decision of utmost importance for correct operation of logistics in the sphere of production, warehousing and distribution. Logistics consultancy services provided by our personnel will create quantifiable effects for the clients by increasing the efficiency of logistic operations. These measures are achieved inter alia by the following:

  • warehouse logistics consultancy;
  • transport consultancy;
  • production logistics consultancy;
  • logistic operators organization consultancy.

Logistics designing

Logistics designing deals with developing the best economic and functional solutions for the whole logistic system of the company or its part – the distribution network, the logistic centre. The measures in the sphere of logistics designing involve:

  • developing a logistics strategy and its organization;
  • developing a distribution strategy by designing its network;
  • distribution centre location;
  • designing an optimal warehouse and drafting its logistics design.

Logistics optimisation

Logistics optimisation is concerned with measures involving designing of activities aimed at achieving the highest possible efficiency of logistic processes. The essence of the measures is using the resources available in such a way as to produce the best results for the company

Logistic processes optimisation – measures concerned with improving the operation of the already existing warehouse by implementing relevant changes taking into consideration the costs, time and efficiency of processes. Optimisation of processes needs to be flexible and it needs to produce recommendations for the management the implementation of which will improve the quality of the logistic processes.

Logistic costs optimisation involves measures consisting in developing savings variants based on the analysis of logistic costs structure and identification of their significance both for the clients and the enterprise itself.

Warehouse optimisation – the objective of the measures taken in this sphere is to improve and enhance the efficiency of warehousing processes by using the resources available to the maximum. The optimisation can involve both changes to the infrastructure itself and increase in the effectiveness of processes and efficiency of work. Warehouse optimisation is a process that may cover a whole range of different aspects.

Production optimisation – the objective is to reduce the losses resulting from mismanagement, improve the efficiency, and use the resources available, among other things, by enhanced planning. At the base of production optimisation there lies an in-depth analysis of the flow of production processes and the use of the resources available and inclusion of control aimed at eliminating or reducing the losses to the maximum. 

Optimisation of transport and transport costs is a service intended as an independent competency support for management boards to produce information on the resources available and the method of use and to discover and eliminate irregularities. It is applied when the company is in possession of information that its transport is not optimised properly.


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