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Running your own busi­ness only seems easy. To bys­tan­ders it seems a trifle to start and ope­rate a com­pany of your own. However, only those who actually ma­nage an enter­prise, regard­less of its deve­lop­ment stage and stan­ding, are able to realize how much crea­tivity and sacri­fice needs to be inves­ted to succeed. The story of how hard all this is can be told by those people whose compa­nies failed to sur­vive on the market. Regard­less of the busi­ness develop­ment stage, it is always worth a try to use some help from experts. However, no busi­ness consul­tations offered by theo­reti­cians are needed here, but rather some advice from experien­ced hands-on prac­titio­ners who forge theory into practice.


Are you sure that you know everything about everything?

So you already have or are you plan­ning to have your busi­ness? Are you sure you can predict every­thing? Do you have know­ledge that is 100% suffi­cient to plan and verify your acti­vities? Do you have some­one who can acquire and expand such know­ledge with? Some­one who will addi­tio­nally moti­vate you to act?

Consider, in which areas
do you need support:

  • Creating and veri­fying busi­ness ideas
  • Buil­ding profi­table busi­ness models
  • Making marke­ting and communi­cation strate­gies
  • Opti­misa­tion of busi­ness processes

Renewable energy consultancy

The priority of EU economies is a systematic increase in the share of renewable sources in the production of electricity and heat.


Sales consultancy

Sales is the basis of the existence and development of every company. The market is constantly evolving and the process of its development is more and more dynamic.


Logistic audit

Managerial assessment of the company's logistics status or its separate aspect, for example, warehouse, distribution or production.


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